Bootstrap IPA For iOS (TrollStore Tool)

This bootstrap IPA For iOS Download is equipped with comprehensive features for both iOS 14.0-17.0 A8-A17 and M1+M2, utilizing the arm64e deb architecture to offer excellent support for jailbreak detection. (At present, it has only been tested on iOS 15.0-17.0.)

CAUTION: The use of this software holds you accountable for all actions taken with it. Any alterations made to your device could result in irreversible harm.

To obtain this software, it can be downloaded from the Releases section on its Download button page.


For those without MacOS, please refer to the FAQ in the Usage section of this README for instructions on building with GitHub Actions instead.

You will need a MacOS operating system in order to build, as Xcode is necessary. Merely having the Xcode Command Line Tools is not enough.

It is necessary to have Homebrew installed. In case you do not have it, please execute the following command in your terminal:

Execute the command “/bin/bash -c” by retrieving and running the script “” from the GitHub repository for Homebrew using the “curl -fsSL” command.

Download Bootstrap Tool For iOS

The version of Theos is continuously being refreshed.

Step 2: Download make

Install the make package using brew.

Step 3: Copy the GitHub repository and navigate to the designated folder.

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To ensure the bootstrap is compatible with the CoreTrust bug, it is necessary to use the most recent release of TrollStore. Additionally, in order to activate developer mode, it is recommended to utilize TrollStore version 2.0.9 or higher.

After launching the Bootstrap application, select Bootstrap to initiate the installation of required applications and files.

With Sileo, just like other jailbreaks, you have the ability to incorporate different sources and install tweaks. However, if the tweaks are not already converted or specifically designed for this bootstrap, you may need to make them roothide compatible.

By default, tweaks are not automatically added to any apps. To activate tweak injection, access the App List within the Bootstrap app and switch on the app you wish to enable your tweaks for. Currently, it is not possible to inject tweaks into SpringBoard ( through official methods, but you can refer to the FAQ for alternative tools that can enable this feature.

An updated FAQ is currently accessible here, and can help with converting tweaks as well as addressing any other inquiries you may have.

Enhance Modifications

The bootstrap does not have built-in compatibility with rootful and rootless tweaks, thus requiring specific development to support it. For guidance, please consult the developer documentation available here.

Download Bootstrap:
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